Arthur Dooley Online


We are currently in the process of creating an online library of Arthur Dooleys life and work. If you have any photos of Arthur Dooley or his artwork we would love to see them. Also if you knew arthur, or have any stories from his life we would like to hear from you too. You will be given full credits for your submissions. Anything Dooley related can be emailed to us at

Street art portrait of Arthur Dooley in Liverpool by the artist Random.



Stephen Shakeshaft on Arthur Dooley


"Famous for his Liverpool repartee and his controversial bronze statues Arthur wasn't bashful, he just couldn't understand why I would want to take his photograph. 'Don't be interested in me' he said, 'take a picture of the statues'."


- Stephen Shakeshaft




Arthur Dooley - High Rise Living

(More videos of Arthur can be seen on our Gallery Page)



The Dooley Prize 2017


The Arthur Dooley Art Prize aims to reveal and promote artists who have yet to establish a profile on the British art scene. The Prize is aimed at artists working in one or more of the following media: drawing, printing, painting, photography, digital art, sculpture and video.


How to Enter

The entry fee is £20 for the first artwork, then £10 per additional artwork, up to a maximum 5.



The first prize is a £5000 award with two secondary awards of £1000 each.


Final Exhibition

An exhibition of the 25 finalists will be held the September / October 2017


The Judging Panel

The judges will be looking for artists who demonstrate the very best in creative process and promotes craftsmanship and technique. All works will be judged anonymously and there will be no segregation by, genre or style.


The Selection Process

The panel of judges will initially review all entries from the digital submission process. They will then select 25 artists to display at the finalists exhibition. The first prize will be judged from the physical works once the exhibition has been mounted at the gallery.


The Exhibition

The 25 finalists will be exhibited. Works will be available for sale during the exhibition with the gallery taking a commission of the wall price.